Preliminary and detailed geological and economic assessment of mineral and mineral reserves of state and local importance.
Preparation of geological reports and their protection in the Ukrainian SSR.Revaluation of mineral resources at existing mining enterprises.
A revaluation of stocks is carried out in accordance with the requirements of special permits and their
Approval in the Ukrainian SSR.

Radiation control of breeds in mineral deposits and preparation of annual reports.
Performed on existing deposits in accordance with the requirements of NRBU-97.

Isolation of promising sites on amber and conducting of geological exploration works on them.
According to the results of geological study of the territory of the enterprise, the specialists of the enterprise, taking into account the geological structure of the site, carry out the outline and take-off of the prospective plots of land into amber, in the future with the holding on them
exploration works and the approval of amber stocks in the GKZ of Ukraine.

The company carries out a complex of drilling operations in search of and exploration of minerals by milling machines and screw drilling, as well as drilling of wells on water.

Project work.
Preparation of projects for the development of mineral deposits.